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  1. Eliminater74

    Tweet Like [Mandatory] PFC-Developers and the GPL

    PFC-DEVELOPERS AND THE GPL Hello Everyone, As many of you know, here at PFC we have a strict policy regarding GPL v2. What you may not understand is what that means and what effects it may have on you. Simply put "The GNU GPL is a software license agreement, under which parts of the Android...
  2. Eliminater74

    **Rules for posting in development**

    Only the following topics are allowed in DEVELOPMENT area: [DEV] - Development for any special projects or Apps [ROM] - Custom ROMs [KERNEL] - Custom Kernels [MOD] - Hack & Modifications for the phone with code only, zips go in themes and apps [FIX] - Fixes for known issues & bugs [RECOVERY] -...
  3. Eliminater74

    Device Forum Rules (Please Read before posting)

    In this thread we will provide a short Q&A for your stay on this forum. Please read thoroughly and act accordingly. While most that is needed to know is pointed out in the forum rules, history shows that some points of these rules are not clearly understood by some users and others leave room...
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