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    Project green venom.

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    Project green venom.

    I'll look at that tonight. I'm going to be working on the forums the rest of the weekend.
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    Project green venom.

    Specs (for now) : R5 2600 @ 4.2ghz 1.4v X370 gaming pro 7 16gigs Adata 3200 @3466 cl16 EVGA gtx 1080 ftw +90 on the GPU +450 on the memory Corsair 750w bronze modular PSU Cheap 240mm aio until my xspc/ ek stuff gets ordered.
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    Project green venom.

    I had this happen on another forum I moderate.
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    Project green venom.

    I'm trying to upload a photo but I'm running into size limitations. I need to work on that.
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    Project green venom.

    So I'm getting the rest of my PC parts soon. Thought I'd post my slow progress here.
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    This site

    Welcome to the forums. We are working hard to get this up and running. This is a working progress so keep that in mind. Enjoy your stay.
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    Your questions

    Marlin Sailfish questions belong here. If your lucky someone may give you an answer!
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    The Abyss

    This is a catch all for threads that don't fall into the the above subjects. This is my domain and moderated by me.
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    Why is this here?

    This is a place for all non development Pixel threads.
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    The purpose of this forum.

    As stated the purpose of this forum is the posting of ROMs and Kernels (and discussion there of) for sailfish and marlin.
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